Our Story

 Founded in 2021 by Inina Nouar who wanted to combine her love of fashion with her love of the planet. Inina comes from a creative background and has merged her passions creating timeless yet playful bags. These pieces are designed to add some fun into any outfit and brighten up the wardrobe. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our bags. Leather is a natural material and is fully biodegradable. We use traceable European Gold Rated leather, which is byproduct from other industries so it doesn’t require additional land or other resources. Gold Rated leather means tanneries follow environmental policies and procedures to the highest standards. They ensure energy consumption, water usage, air emissions, waste management and other factors make as low an environmental impact as possible. 

All products are hand made by a small team in a little studio in Dalston, London. We only make small amounts at a time making sure we don't create excess stock. All our packaging is made from recycled and/or sustainable materials.