Our Story

 Founded in 2021 by Inina Nouar who wanted to combine her love of fashion with her love of the planet. Inina comes from a creative background and has merged her passions creating timeless yet playful bags. These pieces are designed to add some fun into any outfit and brighten up the wardrobe. 

Sustainability’s is at the heart of our bags. All products are hand made by a small team in a little studio in Bermondsey, London. We only make small amounts at a time making sure we don't create excess stock. All our packaging is made from recycled and/or sustainable materials.

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Leather is a natural material and is fully biodegradable. Natural fibres are part of the biogenic carbon cycle and as such are compromised of carbon that has been in the atmosphere for a millennia. These readily available raw materials, when ethically and properly produced are an important replacement for fossil fuels, reducing the need for its extraction and retaining more carbon in the earth. Furthermore, at the end of life, properly produced natural materials will biodegrade, limiting their impact and mitigating harmful emissions, such as microplastic pollution, often associated with synthetic materials.

Our leather is supplied by an organisation that was part of the "Leather Manifesto", written by 30 international leather industry organisations, challenging the COP26 to recognise the cyclical, climate-efficient characteristics of natural fibres and their potential to reduce the climate impacts of consumer products. This organisations beliefs are in line with our core values at Inouar.